​Let's Focus on Profit

If you're a photographer you may have a camera in your hand 20% of the time and be immersed in business the other 80%.

I help you with the 80%. The part where the rubber meets the road - the difference between having a hobby or a business. The part where you make a profit in your business.

Here are several ways that we can work together to get you to your end goal of a thriving business.

Virtual Consulting

This is your Wide Angle​ - the big ​picture of what you're doing now; what's working and more importantly, what isn't working.

​I'll review your marketing, your brand, your target audience, your messaging, and your work.

Then comes the road map to take the snapshot of your business today to where you've been dreaming it will be.

You'll receive a custom created document outlining your new action plan and a recording of our call so you can reference back to it.

$250/hr. Two hour minimum.

Schedule the start time for our meeting and I'll connect with you and block off as much time as you need.

Virtual Coaching

This is your Zoom - a weekly coaching call where we discuss what you've been working on, your marketing plan, hurdles that have come up or keep repeating, marketing strategies, content creation, growing your tribe, productivity, tools, pricing...

Everything in your business.

Plus accountability. Because while planning and reviewing are important, the​ change happens in taking action - the right action.



This is your Kit. You ​use it whenever there's work to be done.

I'll plug you in to the platform that I use to market and promote my businesses. It's also a learning community so you will have me as your marketing mentor ​PLUS ​other experts in different areas of online marketing. 

Based on your needs I will be your "official" guide on the platform to ensure you are working on the right things - in the right order - to get more exposure for your business online​ which will g​et you more leads.

There's no contract to use the platform so you can cancel at any time. ​But while you use it you'll also be a part of my exclusive Facebook mentoring group where I do training via video, offer reviews on social media, messaging, branding, visuals, marketing strategies, online marketing and getting more leads and more sales.

Get started here. I'll get notification when you sign up so ​we'll have a "tour" call to get you going and I'll add you to the training group.

​Got questions? Need clarity on which option is for you?

Fill out the form below or click on the chat icon at the bottom right and we can be chatting ​very soon to help you decide.

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​Don't be one of those photographers that struggles to get great clients.

​It's easier than you think to make money as a photographer​ and have a thriving ​ business​!