That's me at 2 years old, in London, England, waiting on my dad to take the first photo with his new 35mm Praktica camera.

I know, I was super cute! 🙂

When I was about ten years old my dad decided he wasn't as interested in taking photos with his camera as I was, so he gave it to me.

For the next decade that old Praktica camera went everywhere with me. I learned how to take photos from interesting angles and capture things on film that many other people didn't pay attention to. I was always looking for an angle!

Fast forward to today, as an entrepreneur of 22 years now, I’ve been involved in lots of different business concepts. Most of them online.

I could tell you all about the wasted time and money as I worked on building my business for the first few years.

What I would have given for someone to just hand me ​a roadmap! 

Today I am in a position to walk you through what I’ve been helping businesses with for years – the concepts that get you more exposure and more sales.

It’s not rocket science, it’s easy stuff, you just have to know where to start and where to put your focus.

I talk with many ​business owners daily, in all kinds of industries. Some ​want to attract ​customers and clients online who are actually looking for what they have. ​Some are "old school" and have no clue where to start marketing online. And some have been slogging it out on social media without getting any leads.

If you struggle with any of these issues you are not alone!

You just need a road map to get more leads and sales online.

​If you’d like me to show you how, simply ​fill out the form below or click on the chat icon at the bottom right and we can be chatting in about a minute!

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​Don't be one of those photographers that struggles to get great clients.

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