How to Activate Your Facebook Follow Button

How to Activate Your Facebook Follow Button

You can max out your Facebook friends at 5,000 but can have unlimited followers!

Here’s how easy it is to activate your Follow Button:

1. Go to Settings (on your computer, it’s under the drop down all the way to the right on the top blue FB menu. On mobile, go to your profile and tap the icon of a circle with three dots in it. And go through the options.)

2. Find the setting for Public Posts on the left vertical menu and select Public under “who can follow me.” See the picture above.

TIP: When networking on FB don’t friend people you don’t know, they may think you are weird. Follow them instead.

If you really want to connect with them and they don’t have a follow button then comment on their posts to get to know them that way, and then in the future send a friend request.

They will be more likely to accept when they feel you’re not a stalker or trying to sell them something!

Comment below if you already had this activated, I am intrigued. ????

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