Create Social Media Content For Your Business in Minutes

Create Social Media Content For Your Business in Minutes

Let’s talk about using social media for your business and how to quickly create social media content that “stops the scroll.”

Like it or not, we live in a visual world, and people want to see beautiful things in their social media feed.

Just look at how popular Instagram is for proof.

The majority of people using social media for their business are just winging it. I don’t have the stats, but it’s pretty obvious – just check out five to ten Facebook pages of businesses that you know, and you’ll see the “spaghetti on the wall” method of marketing is alive and well.

More often than not, there’s no cohesion, no brand awareness. Hey, often the branding is a poorly designed logo which transfers even more poorly to mobile viewing – a major sin, but that’s for another day.

Think about big brands. We can learn a lot from them. Just think about all the money they’ve sunk into their visuals – they know how to get it right.

When branding is done right, there’s a “look” that transcends the conscious so within a nanosecond you already know the brand, if you’ve interacted with it enough.

That’s what the average business doesn’t have on their social media stream, so they blend in with everyone else.

They don’t stand out.

You’ve gotta stand out!

You’ve gotta create social media content that stops your viewers’ scroll.

There are some beautifully branded Instagram accounts. The ones I like have a specific colour scheme or layout so that the overall effect is visually powerful. Each image stands well on its own but grouped on a wall or feed – Boom!

Here are five that stand out: • Wanderbydjacobsantiago •  thetropicalartist

Bottom line is you don’t have to be a world traveler, celebrity/influencer, professional photographer, or in design to have awesome images.

You need a “look.”

One that makes people stop scrolling for a moment and pay attention to you.

I use various apps and software to create my graphics, and today I want to share how to fast track getting your brand looking polished across multiple platforms.

Check out RelayThat. I mention it on the Lady Tech Charmers podcast which you should listen to because there are some jewels in there for small business owners. 🙂

The most images I’ve knocked out for a campaign is 27 – in about 90 minutes. Do the math – it’s just over 3 minutes per image!

I recommend RelayThat because I haven’t found a faster way to create and resize images to the different dimensions needed for the major social media platforms. Using Photoshop, in this case, just cannot compete.

And that’s where the goodness begins. Check out its features to get the bigger picture of how useful it is.

If you are a graphic designer, this will save you sooooo much time creating for your clients.

If you need to uplevel your graphics, this will save you sooooo much time creating them.

So, get started and let me know how it goes. It’s time to create social media content that’s scroll stopping!

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