​Marketing For Photographers

​There's no secret sauce to marketing but there is knowing the fundamentals, how the technology and platforms are changing -

​and how to best use them to maximum potential.

​The first step for any business wanting to get the word out about what they do is to create a marketing plan.

​You may have heard about business plans but never marketing plans. That's pretty common. And that's also a shame.

​Because if you don't plan...

​You plan to fail.

​Whether consciously or not.

​It's simple to get started with a marketing plan - write down who your audience is, what they want and need, what are their pain points, where do they hang out online, and how are you uniquely able to give them a solution to their problems.

​That will give you a great start.

​When you create content online, say in a blog, a social media post, on a video (to list a few options,) you will use what's in your basic marketing plan to connect with your audience.

​Likely on a level you haven't experienced before.

​When you get your marketing right it attracts the right people to you. And they buy from you. 

​It's almost effortless, and it can be a lot of fun.

​Reach out to me by hitting the chat button at the bottom right to ask me any questions you may have about your marketing. We can always have a quick chat over the phone so I can give you more detailed answers.

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​Don't be one of those photographers that struggles to get great clients.

​It's easier than you think to make money as a photographer​ and have a thriving ​ business​!