One Mason jar, Two entrepreneurs and Three questions.

One Mason jar, Two entrepreneurs and Three questions.

Over the years I’ve found that taking imperfect action is most often the best kind of action to take. And that’s how we come to this video.

I used to have a podcast called marketing moxie. It was fun and enlightening–I interviewed fellow entrepreneurs and threw in marketing advice along the way. Developing a podcast can take a lot of time with all the editing and promotion, so eventually, I wrapped up the project.

Speaking with my guest, fellow entrepreneur, Dalena Burke, about a podcast/videocast she just started, it inspired me to start my own. These days I love doing live streaming video so doing a videocast just made more sense.

So this is the first show and the premise is simple–it’s asking three random questions, pulled out of a mason jar.

I don’t know how many of these I will do, or for how long, or what it may morph into, but here is the inaugural show.


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