Taking your own advice

Taking your own advice

There I was having a cup of coffee with a friend, who’s also a coach, when I started telling her about how she can create a product and sell it online. I happened to mention that I’d been meaning to do something like that myself for quite a while. And then it happened: The coach came out.

My friend asked me very simply when I was going to have the first step of the project completed, to which I replied, “tomorrow.” She then asked me what time it would be completed and I told her, “9:00PM.”

Well there’s nothing quite like a deadline set by somebody else to get me going. The competitive side of me kicked in. I created a PDF that helps people with productivity. I’ll be giving it away as a freebie very soon.

Being somebody who’s very self-motivated it was a humbling reminder that it’s far too easy to make excuses. The results I want come through my own actions and it felt so good to finally create something that really didn’t take long. The biggest hurdle up until that coffee had just been in my head.

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